DC 12V/24V שלט לפסי לדים A6-IR Remote for LED 44Key

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!השלט ללדים מפתח 44 לפסי לד מציע יותר אפשרויות צבעים, אתה יכול לבחור מתוך 20 צבעים קבועים

The 44 Key Remote for RGB LED strips offers more color modes and options. You can choose from a total of 20 preset colors!

This 44keys IR remote control + controller  is suitable for 5 meters Led 3528/5050 RGB strip.

The 44 Key remote also features a custom color creation mode. Simply select a color and press one of the 6 custom DYI keys to assign the color to that key. You can then add or remove some Red, Green and Blue to create your very own custom color. Press the DYI key again to save your color.

Package includes:
44 Key Remote
Controller for RGB LED Strips

DC 12V/24V מתאים לפסים

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