• Description


The American Audio BL-60 on ear headphones feature a 40 mm driver unit with a 10Hz-22KHz frequency response for full, rich and loud music reproduction. Comfortable, loud and punchy sound reproduction is what make the BL-60 ideal for live sound monitoring and can be used anywhere you need the extra volume but still want clean clear highs and tight bass response.

  • Features:• Comfortable on-ear cushions

    • 3x Detachable headphone cables

    – 1M straight cable (mini to mini jack)

    – 3M coiled cable (mini to mini jack)

    – 3M straight cable (mini to mini jack)

    • Carrying Bag

    • 1/4” Phone plug adapter

    • Adjustable headband

    • Folds up for easy storage


    Technical Specifications:

    • Driver unit: 40mm

    • Impedance: 32 ohm +/- 15%

    • Sensitivity: 102 +/- 3dB

    • Frequency Response: 10Hz~22KHz

    • Weight: 195g +/- 10g

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