X-SW2200 Aqua Low Fog Machine DJ Power מכונת עשן נמוך די ג’יי פאוור

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Similar with world’s first monocoque frame aqua low fog machine H­ SW3000 . X- SW2200 creates a continuous low-lying fog hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. By using the Ultrasonic technology,  needs for dry ice is eliminated. Main consumables are pure water. environment friendly. cost saving and space saving.

Enhanced material, lighter than similar models, portable and durable

User – friendly LCD display and operation, it is perfect for large clubs.  large stage productions. Rental companies and production release conference.


Rain proof design, long – lasting body with austenite welding and anti-corrosive primer.

Integrated in a plastic case (with castors). applicable for touring; Automatically replenish water in the atomization chamber. continuous use; Drain holes design for water tank. free from leakage;

Advanced No-Fluid protection; Advanced No- Water protection; Anti- loose power plug;

Low fluid consumption.3L fluid reservoir -2 hours on full output; Built – in LCD control. 3- pin and 5-pin OMX control;

Please use DJPOWER Professional fluid PRO-V/PRO-A/PRO-C

Different fluid will show different stage effect DJPOWER PRO-V fog fluid provides an awesome Quick Dissipation Effect


Voltage: AC 220V – 240V, 50/60 Hz

Breaker: 10 A/250 V

Power: 2000 W

Heat-Up Time: Appr. 4-5 min

Output: Appr. 15000 cuft/min

Fluid Consumption Rate: Appr. 29 min/L

Max Output Coverage: Appr. 300 m2

DMX512: V

Water Tank Total Capacity: 22 L

Tank Capacity: 3 L

Net weight: 32 KG

Gross Weight: 36 KG

Machine Dimensions: 736 x 390 x 431 mm

Packing Dimensions: 860 x 460 x 510

DMX Channel: 3

Consumables: PRO-V/PRO-A/PRO-C & Water


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