MINI 1000 – פיקוד תאורה מקצועי.



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פיקוד תאורה מקצועי ל-2 UNIVERSE

1024 ערוצים

CODE mini 1048

Total 1024 channels with 2 individual optical isolated DMX outputs.

· 7″ TFT-LCD touch screen for operating.

· 3 colour backlit keyboard.

· Offers 4 optical backlit encoders.

· Up to 600 playbacks, controlled by 15 playback faders×40 pages.

· Maximum 400 Units for patching all kinds of Fixtures.

· Up to 400 Groups.

· Up to 400 Presets.

· Up to 400 Macro Shows.

· Up to 400 User-Defined Shape Effects.

· Shortcut area provides a quick way for selecting Fixtures, Groups, Presets or Custom Shape Effects.

· Color-mix system provides a color palette for users to control fixtures with RGB or CMY channels conveniently.

· Shape Generator provides various effects which can be saved as custom Effects.

· Provides different priority levels for playbacks.

· Provide over 8000 Libraries in system. Enable users to edit System Library or create custom Library. R20 library files can be loaded in as the custom library.

· Provide MIDI in and out interfaces to connect and work with other consoles.

· Freely download Upgrade Version and System Library.

· An internal electronic disk allows user to backup show data.

· USB interface allows users to backup shows in external disk.

· Option: 12V auxiliary light.

· Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.

· Size: 482mm×445mm×180mm.

· Net

weight: 10kg approx.


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