X-5 PRO CO2 GUN – אקדח קור



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X-5 אקדח CO2

בסט כלול צינור באורך 10 מטר.

1. Vigour and powerful output up to 6-8 meters;
2. Low CO2 consumption;
3. Massive white atmospheric column makes you outstanding in the crowd.

Handheld CO2 Gun produces thick white atmospheric column via high pressure liquid carbon dioxide, making your show more enjoyable, and adopts quality safe design concept with the excellent workmanship. CO2 Gun’s barrel is made from aluminum, not only rust-proof but also increasing the gun quality and reducing the weight. Cool-shaped CO2 gun, easy to operate, is quite suitable for  DJ and singer. The white gas column can make you outstanding in the crowed on either the dancing floor or performance stage.

Control: Manual, free from electronic power

Consumables: Liquid CO2

Output Distance: 6-8m

CO2 Gun N.W: 2kg

CO2 Gun Size: 600/70/237(mm)

10m CO2 Pipe N.W: 4kg

Total Weight: 8kg

Package Size: 600/230/590(mm)


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